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Drugstore Vs. High-end Foundation?

See which one holds up after a big beating of coverage, concealer, powder setting, bronzer, eyeshadow, and facial contouring.
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glamour lady
If your hairstyle doesn't complement your face, you may be wearing it wrong for your face shape, contours, and angles.
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hairy armpits
Get smooth skin this summer. Say goodbye to hairy armpits, legs, and facial hair with these hair removal techniques.
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Red lipstick is a timeless beauty staple that can instantly elevate your look and make you feel confident and glamorous.
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Super Fast Fat Burning Outdoor Workouts

No time to get in shape? Shed pounds quickly with these exercises anywhere, anytime. You got this!
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measuring waist
Discover how to shed extra pounds and water weight from your belly to feel less bloated throughout your day.
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A day at the spa is certainly the perfect way to enjoy taking care of yourself and destressing—because you are important.
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self care
Need a mood pick-up? There are surprising things you can do to say good bye to foggy, lethargic low energy.
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Are You Ready To Get Your Ex Back?

Kick off your comeback game with a new you that feels and looks good and is sure to get their attention back on you.
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First Date
Do this things and you'll be well on your way to enchant them into a second, or third date with you!
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pretty woman
The true price of being pretty can be deceiving in a world where looks play a factor in improving your chances in life.
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Womens Equality
Happy International Women's Day! We are celebrating the great women in our world who are making a difference.
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Home & Family

Time Saving Tips for Running a Home

Get more free time with these tried and tested time-saving tips for running a smooth sailing household every time.
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Jump-start your day on the right track with delicious, nutrient-packed healthy and filling smoothies.
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Unique home decor
Reflect your personality in your home décor. After all, it's your humble abode and where you live your life!
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teeth kid
There are many things you can do to keep your kids' teeth safe, but it is important to know what you're doing.
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Personal Finance Hacks

You can look in the sofa crevice for lose coins or do these money saving tricks to see more money in your wallet.
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find work
If you just got let go from a job, there are many ways to find work in a rush, especially after a job layoff.
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Further Your Career
You are great at what you do. Time to get the reward. Here's how to climb the corporate ladder with a winning strategy.
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Tax time does not have to be taxing when you can get it all done at the click of a button in the comfort if your home.
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Planning a Family Cruise

No more stressing out over packing, flights, or hotels. Get onboard and get the family fun started with these tips.
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table setting
The family has been invited. Dinner menu is planned. It’s time to set the dinner table for a perfect family Thanksgiving.
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Don't let difficult travel plans ruin your diet! Discover how to eat and navigate the food options on your next trip.
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Halloween is a perfect time for fun with family and friends. With a few crafty ideas, you'll be having a spooktacular Halloween!
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