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Super Fast Fat Burning Outdoor Workouts

Tired of the same boring cardio routine? Get started on your summer beach body with fast workouts anywhere, anytime. Great metabolism-boosting, muscle-sculpting workouts can be short and sweet. 

Workouts don't have to be long-drawn-out exercise sessions don't have to be lengthy two-hour sessions at the gym. Here's an outdoor workout routine that takes only ten to twenty minutes. It will have you drenched in sweat and pumped up by the end.

Run over to the field or any open space nearby. Do the following exercises with almost no rest in-between. This maximizes the fat-burning hormonal and metabolism-boosting response you get from this workout. You can rotate through all these exercises, alternating a couple of them. Whatever you choose, keep the rest periods short to maintain high intensity (Ten to thirty seconds at most).:

  1. Wind sprints: fifty, seventy-five, or one hundred yard
  2. Hill sprints (if you have a hill nearby)
  3. Pushup variations
  4. Walking lunge variations
  5. Bodyweight squat variations
  6. Box jump, squat jump, or lunge jump variations
  7. Pullups on the playground monkey bars
  8. Mountain climbers on the ground

If you do this at a high-speed, you'll get a killer workout in as little as ten to twenty minutes. Even if you're not in super shape right now, you can start with a lower intensity to ease yourself into it. It's worth it! Feeling re-energized, you can get back home and get on with your life.

Another good thing about this type of workout is that you can do it at home. So, you don't need to worry about getting to the gym. It's also a low-impact exercise. Therefore suitable for people who are just beginning to work out or have injuries. It's a full-body workout. Hence, one pays attention to all the muscles and also helps in stabilizing one's core.

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Final Thoughts

Working out in the outdoors and breathing in the fresh air has a stimulating effect. Some studies have indicated that you burn more calories exercising outdoors compared to indoors. So give it a try... You have nothing to lose, except a little of that extra belly fat! Copyright © 2022. All rights reserved.

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