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Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids

With school out for the summer, kids can get a little cranky grazing all day on junk food with no real healthy options available. It’s time to get creative with healthy snacks!

Snacking is a big part of a healthy diet. But is there a "healthy" snack for kids? Yes. If chosen carefully, snacks can promote good health without adding too many empty calories. Smart snacking is a great way to meet nutrient requirements that may be absent from meals. Here are some of the tips for snacking that will not only keep your kids satisfied but will also keep them healthy.

1. Focus on nutrients

When giving snacks to your kids, you have to focus on the daily required nutrients. If some of the nutrients are missing from the meals then you can add them through snacks. Thus, snacks during summer can play a vital role in a balanced diet and ultimately the health of your kids.

  • Combine snacks from two or more food groups, like raspberry yogurt, low-fat chocolate milk, and a banana in a blender for a cool, refreshing treat.

∎ Fruits and veggies

There’s nothing like the taste of fresh fruit or crisp salad to cool you down during the summer. You can also offer fruits as snacks to your kids. You can cut the fruits of your kids’ choice and offer them as a snack. It can surely help you when your kids are picky eaters.

2. Snack prep

It’s a good idea to have a plan to make sure your kids eat well at home and while out on summer activities. You don’t have to rely on pre-prepared snacks like fast food and takeout. These are usually not healthy snack options. You can prepare healthy snacks at home too. Your choice is also not limited to fruits and vegetables.

You just need to find interesting recipes and tailor them to your kids' liking. Especially if you have a picky eater or have certain food allergies. Order ingredients of healthy snacks in the grocery so that you don't need to go through the hassle of preparing healthy snacks every day.

  • Plan ahead and buy healthy snacks when you go grocery shopping for the week.
  • Pre-portion your child's snacks into small plastic bags to grab on the go.
  • Keep healthy snacks in a specific spot in your refrigerator or cupboard, and let kids help themselves.

3. At-home snacking

Summer means that kids are at home more often. Idle time sometimes means kids will be poking around the kitchen in hopes of finding a quick and easy snack. To help keep kids' snacks healthy, keep the refrigerator and pantry stocked with nutritious snacks that kids will enjoy.

  • Start with a wide range of choices from milk, fruits, vegetables, and groups of grain foods.
  • Keep the healthy snacks in front. Out of sight is out of mind! So it’s important that your kids can see the healthy snacks.
  • Make a habit of consuming healthy snacks. You are a role model to your kids. They look at you and follow you! It’s important that you are trying your best. Your kids would love the healthy snacks prepared with love and dedication.
  • Make sure you are keeping junk food snacks away. You have to be mindful of what you are keeping in your pantry and refrigerator.

4. On-the-go snacking

Kids' lunch bags should contain yummy but healthy snacks for summer camps, outdoor activities, or daycare. They should look forward to what's in the bag so that when it's time for snacking, they will want to eat it right away.

∎ Packaging

The purpose of using interesting packaging is to grab your kid’s attention. If you are using a small plastic bag for packing the snacks, you can place a note on the plastic bag. If you are using a paper bag, you can draw pictures on it. It can be something your kid looks forward to!

Final Thoughts

Summer is fun, but with healthy snacks, you and your kids can enjoy a more healthy lifestyle. Make sure that you prepare healthy snacks for your kids. Offer snacks to the kids after certain activities so that you would enjoy them more. You can keep the healthy snacks in front of the kids so that they get a chance to grab the snacks when they feel hungry.

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