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Stress-free Perfect Thanksgiving

The magical season has begun. You invited family, planned the Thanksgiving dinner menu. It's time for you to set the dinner table.  But oh, the stress of it all!

Before you realize it, you labor to prepare for the festivities. Don't worry. You got this. Here are some tips for setting the perfect family Thanksgiving.

1. Skip the Cleanup

Don’t bother putting crystal, fine china, or fancy cloth napkins. Get heavy-duty disposable dinner plates, plastic silverware, cups, and paper napkins. Party stores offer holiday disposables at a very affordable price.

Buy inexpensive Dinner wear. These work great, especially with children. In addition, you will have a quick and easy clean-up without all the extra dishes to wash.

2. Fun Centerpieces

One of the best ways to set up your Thanksgiving table is by decorating it with festive centerpieces. Don't waste time and effort going to town on an elaborate centerpiece. Make your centerpieces fun.  Try something fun this time.

Get creative and use things like your dinner rolls to create a mountain. Build a faux fountain, using cake stands and artfully stacking your side dishes in the center of your table.

3. Go Back In Time

Create an old-fashioned Thanksgiving theme. You can use things that don’t match to create an old-time feeling for your Thanksgiving dinner. Such as:

  • Place mismatched tablecloths or table runners on your table.
  • Use oil lanterns as your centerpieces.
  • Set the table with a variety of different dinnerware.
  • Set small wooden buckets on the table to hold silverware and napkins.

4. Don’t Set The Table

One of the easiest and best ways to go is to not set your dinner table at all. A buffet is usually served on a long table which has lots of dishes on it with food arranged by type.

Lay all dishes on your bar or serving cart, with the plates and silverware at the beginning. The guests can go up to each dish and get what they want from there. Let everyone serve themselves buffet-style and sit where they choose.

That way you have your hands free as well as time to mingle and socialize with your friends and family rather than play the help during this very festive and fun season.


Final Thoughts

Above all remember that this is a family dinner. Relax and enjoy the food and your family. Keep Thanksgiving dinner table setting simple. It will make your dinner much more enjoyable for you.

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