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How To Find Quick Work after Layoff

Layoffs occur for many different reasons. If your unemployment benefits are good, take the time to find a quality, stable, and well-paying job. Nevertheless, if you don’t have any choice, then try the following ways to get money in sooner.

Look For Temporary Work

Your best chance of finding temporary work is to partner with a temporary staffing firm. Yes, these jobs may only last a day or two, but you can sometimes get lucky.

Are you an office secretary? If so, you could replace a sick worker for only a day. Can you also be a replacement for a pregnant woman on bed rest or a new mom on maternity leave? These types of replacements tend to last two months!

Use Staffing Agencies

When a company needs to hire workers in a rush, they often turn to staff agencies. These agencies already have a collection of resumes on hand. So get your resume ready and have it emailed out to as many recruitment agencies as possible.

Even if the job descriptions they send you are not exactly what you want. Be open and attend as many interviews as possible. You never know which one is the right fit or which employer can offer an immediate start date.

Reach Out To Your Ex-employer

Some companies are going out of business, but others just need to reduce their operating expenses. If your company only lets a few employees go, talk to your supervisor or the company owner. Let them know you would be willing to return to work if and when things improved. You can also improve your chances by offering to take a small reasonable pay cut.

Do Odd Jobs

Odd jobs are a great way to raise extra cash fast. If you play your cards right, they can also turn into a business or long-term money-making possibility.

Did you work as a janitor? Offer to clean homes for a cheap rate. Did you work as a professional roofer? Offer affordable roofing jobs, including simple repairs. Since you are not in an actual company, you should charge lower rates. Luckily, these lower rates will attract more customers. More customers equal more jobs, which should translate into more income.

One word of caution, be careful with work-at-home opportunities online. It is more than possible to make money from home, but the internet is littered with scams.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many ways to find work in a rush, especially after a job layoff. Luckily, these are just some of your options. I hope that this list has helped you realize that you're not at the mercy of your situation and that there is plenty that you can do to keep yourself afloat and find new opportunities!

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