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How To Avoid First Date Disasters

First dates can be awkward and nerve-wracking. Notwithstanding, that first impressions can also set the tone for the rest of the relationship. 

Knowing what you should be doing and what you need to avoid on a first date can mean the difference between whether it progresses to the second date or the first and last encounter with Mr. (maybe) Right. If you know what makes a perfect date, you can go on a first date with confidence and self-assurance. Here are six tips to get you on the right track for a first date experience.

1. Be On Time

The fastest way to make a bad impression is to show up late. The first impression is the lasting impression. Being on time for a date makes a great impression. If you are late, your date will think that you don't care. Worse, your date may decide that they don't want to wait for you and will leave before you arrive.

2. Put Your Date at Ease

Everyone gets very nervous when they go on a first date.  Laughing at your date's jokes is one great way to make them feel comfortable, as well as show your interest in them. If you make your date feel comfortable, you will also find that you are more relaxed and will equally have a good time on the date.

3. Keep Conversation Lively

Make notes ahead of time of interesting topics that make good conversation. You do not want to show up for a date and then have nothing to say and nothing to ask all night. Be interesting and keep the conversation alive.

4. Listen Attentively

Show a valid interest in what your date has to say. Pay attention when they are talking to you. Make a conscious effort to hear not only the words but also the message your date is communicating. It helps them know that you care for what they are saying. 

5. Don't Talk About Yourself

Don't talk about yourself all night. It is not all about you. It's more about getting to know someone you find desirable when it comes to dating. Ask questions and give them a chance to talk. If you do all the talking and do not let them get a word in, chances are it will be your only date with them.

6. Keep Your Ex in The Past

No one really wants to hear about your ex. This is a new person and a new start. Your date does not want to know what your ex did or didn't do. This is a huge turn off and a red flag that can reduce your chances of having a second date. Focus on your current date and find out more about them.

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Final Thoughts

First dates can be daunting. In spite of it, you can put your best foot forward and actually have a good time. Who knows, your first date might be that date with destiny, where you finally find love.

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