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Empty Nest? It's Time To Fly!

What happened to the life you imagined when you were twenty-one, with all those years ahead of you? The kids are grown, but you still feel a little lost each day.

So you've reached your midlife, which is the point where dreams are either realized or given up. What's next? The good news, they’re still ahead of you. Women have the capacity to live two or more different and exciting lifetimes. Dreams and visions tend to morph over time.

Guided by past experiences, you have gained wisdom and perspective. There is no better time to start living life on your own terms. Stoke the fire — promise yourself that from this moment on, you will:

1. Get Passionate

What excites you right now, today? Do you like to travel and explore new places? Then promise yourself you’ll travel at least once a year, if only on weekends to nearby, unexplored towns. Have you always had a talent such as writing or music but never had the time to hone those skills? Make that pursuit a priority. If you crave a new career, look for opportunities to fan that flame.

2. Set New Goals

At this point, you know who you are and what you want. You’ve got the wisdom from experience, but now it’s time for a new challenge. Now is the time to actually make them happen. Even though you may be content with where you are in life, there has to be something you have always wanted to achieve. Make a plan and execute it. Decide to go full-speed in pursuing your vision or to reject it and come up with a new goal you can achieve.

3. Jump Right In!

You can't reach your goal if you sit on the couch watching TV or surfing the internet. You've got to take action. If your goal is to write that book finally, you can finish a book in a year if you only write one page daily. If you want to be fit and fabulous, switch up your diet and get moving. You don't have to do long-drawn workouts. Pick a workout you enjoy doing and do it. Spend fifteen minutes daily on your action plan. Start small; start now.

4. Stay Curious

Immerse yourself in a vision of your future and seek the knowledge to bring you to the next level. Find a mentor or request new challenges outside your daily job to expand your career or business. Learn about the culture, take a cooking class, or host an exchange student.

5. Believe It!

Believing is ninety percent of the win. Make your next forty or more years whatever you want to make them; no matter the challenges, you will succeed. Don't doubt yourself or listen to what people say if it contradicts your belief. No one can tell you who you are or what you can achieve. Be confident and trust that you can do it.
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Final Thoughts

The magic of these five promises is that they are not complex. They work for any goal and, most , they will instill the confidence necessary to succeed. Practicing these five promises every day, will help reinvent your life. You may just discover a version of you you always wanted to be.

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