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The Ugly Side of Pretty Privilege

It is undeniable that pretty women have certain advantages over women who are considered to be less pretty. But there is also a downside to being a pretty woman.

Men, and others in general, often treat pretty women better due to their appearance. Attractive individuals may secure promotions or jobs in retail, restaurants, or bars over less attractive candidates. 

Attractive women can occasionally charm their way out of speeding tickets, albeit with some acting. They can pursue looks-based careers like modeling, an option often inaccessible to less attractive individuals.

1. What is Pretty Privilege?

Pretty privilege is a sociological concept that suggests physically attractive people navigate life more smoothly than others. They are more likely to be hired for jobs, receive better grades, attract more social attention, and are even sentenced less harshly in court. All this is merely due to how they look. Recognizing its existence and implications is essential, as it significantly shapes social dynamics and personal experiences. 

The "glass escalator" effect refers to attractive individuals fast-tracking in their careers because of their looks, irrespective of their skills or qualifications. While this might seem advantageous, it fosters an unhealthy focus on appearance over competence, undermining professional credibility and fostering inequality.

2. Intimidating

Pretty women have the same problems as everyone else. They often also have a harder time attracting a mate. Many men are too intimidated to approach pretty women, no matter how badly they want to meet one.

Look around at the people you know and see how many couples are made up of men with average-looking women. It will probably be more than the couples of men with beautiful women. However, plenty of women are not only beautiful on the outside but also beautiful on the inside, who have yet to be married, have children, or find that lasting relationship.

3. Self-Esteem Issues

Many pretty women have self-esteem issues and do not see themselves as pretty even though they are told they are regularly. Their identity can be only on the surface, and they only feel value for their outward appearance.

Beauty, particularly as defined by societal standards, is often transient and changes as we age. Those who have enjoyed pretty privilege may struggle with losing these advantages as they grow older, leading to problems with self-esteem and self-worth.

4. Flawed Character

Pretty women who use their looks to their advantage often take advantage and tend to be more egotistical and arrogant. They are used to getting privileges everywhere they go. When they don't get a sign of interest from a man because he is intimidated by her, she starts to feel rejected, which blows her ego. This can hinder inner beauty development, unlike her less attractive counterpart, who cultivates other qualities to thrive in a competitive world.  It is worth spending time on improving the content of the character to balance out the disadvantages of being pretty. 

5. Fake Relationships

Pretty privilege can also impact personal relationships. They may struggle to determine if people value them for who they are or are just attracted to their looks. The men who are secure enough to converse with a pretty woman often see her as nothing more than a trophy.  Not a mate, a date.

They are often objectified and dehumanized. They can be reduced to their physical appearance, with their skills, talents, and character often overlooked. This can lead to feelings of isolation, devaluation, and frustration. Over time, this can cause a pretty woman to wonder why she's always the bridesmaid and never the bride. Pretty women looking for a genuine relationship would benefit from toning it down in the attitude department or appearing approachable when looking for a spouse. 

Final Thoughts

Like many aspects of our societal structure, privilege has pros and cons. Addressing pretty privilege isn't about rejecting the notion of beauty but broadening our understanding of it and acknowledging that a person's worth extends far beyond their physical appearance. As we navigate these complex dynamics, let's strive to create a society where respect, opportunities, and kindness aren't privileges afforded to the few but are rights enjoyed by all.

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