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Get Rid of Bad Hair Days

Not another messy hair day! You get out of bed, look in the mirror, but not like Beyoncé's "I woke up like this" kind of good. It’ll take more than a comb and a brush to get it looking right.

A healthy head of hair defines your style. Good hair relies on conditioning treatments. Conditioning helps prevent damage, enhances shine, and helps prevent hair and scalp dryness. Over time, hair becomes healthy and strong, not to mention easy to manage.

1. Use the Right Products

Use products that help enhance your hair’s best qualities. In the first place, use ones specific to your hair type. Fine hair requires different products from thick hair. Likewise, curly hair needs products other than straight hair.

Use non-damaging moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Have a few conditioning products on hand for different purposes. Consider your styling habits. Applying extra heat to your hair using a dryer or curling iron will require products with excess moisture.

When searching for a conditioner, you’ll want to find at least one product for everyday use and one for deep conditioning. Depending on your hair type, decide on;

  • Leave-in conditioner
  • 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner
  • Hot oil treatment
  • Deep conditioner

2. Start a Haircare Routine

Grab your calendar and schedule a date with your hair. A maintenance routine is essential. Consider your hair type, texture, and cut. Shampoo, condition, rinse, and repeat are key. Nonetheless, you must condition your hair when you shampoo to help replace moisture.

Your routine should consider how your hair feels dry. Your hair shouldn’t feel dry at any time. Moisturize as often as needed and always after each conditioning treatment.

3. Use the Right Tools

It is time to choose your hairbrushes and other styling tools, such as hair dryers and curling irons. Different hair types need different brush types. Some detangle, some are for use with a hairdryer. Others add body and extra shine.

Spread your natural hair oils by brushing your hair. Brush your hair in the morning and evening before showers and baths. This distributes the natural hair oils on your hair. When brushing, don’t pull or tear your hair. This can cause damage.

4. Massage the scalp

Let mother nature do some of the work. Scalp massages increase blood flow to the scalp and help distribute natural oils. This helps increase shine, strength, and softness. You can add oil during the massage to help add extra moisturizing qualities. Have your stylist show you how to give a proper scalp massage.

Your stylist can also show you scalp oils best suited to your hair type. You can buy oils or create your oil blend using your chosen essential oils. Make sure you research essential oils so you don’t pick something harmful.

Final Thoughts

Your hair is your crowning glory, don't neglect it. The health of your hair relies heavily on the nourishment you provide. Incorporating enough proteins and amino acids in your diet and hair care routine can help foster more robust, healthier hair growth. If it feels good, you'll feel good and move through your day on the right foot. Your journey to luscious locks starts from within, and every step you take toward better health will bring you closer to your goal. Say goodbye to bad hair days and channel your inner queen.

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