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Drugstore Vs. High-end Foundation?

Huda high-end vs. Maybelline drugstore makeup foundation. Who Wins? In this tutorial, Nikki puts them to the test to compare which one holds up after a makeup beating.  

Maybelline 24-hour Superstay foundation retails at $11.99. While Huda Beauty Faux Filter foundation retails for around $40. Both get the same treatment to see which one is better. The results are in:


Both Huda and Maybelline have the same coverage. Huda Beauty looks a little bit more natural. If you're looking for full coverage like all the way but still natural Huda Beauty is better. If you're looking for full coverage with a more plastic porcelain effect. Then Maybelline is the better choice. Maybelline is a little bit drier than the Huda. So if you have dry skin, the Maybelline one may wear on your face.

$40 high-end makeup foundation

Huda Beauty Faux Filter foundation applies rich and intense. It covers up anything. It covers up your past, it covers up the future, and your present skin flaws. It looks like skin but photoshopped, perfect and flawless. You almost don't need any additional concealer.

$11.99 drugstore makeup foundation

Maybelline's 24-hour Superstay foundation is also full coverage. It looks like a veil of beautifulness. Minimizes the appearance of pores. It doesn't exaggerate any fine lines. It feels and applies a little drier and a little less smooth than Huda Beauty.

Concealer Blend

Not every concealer blends well with foundation. It is best to test it with some concealers to see if it blends in with the foundation underneath.  Using the NARS soft matte complete concealer with the Maybelline and Huda side. Both Huda and Maybelline blend in perfectly and traceless. It feels like the same foundation. Although, the Maybelline is a little bit drier.

Foundation Betting

Using the fit-me loose powder by Maybelline to bake with and a damp sponge. The Maybelline takes the powder well. It's not shifting it's not moving around it's taking the powder and working well. However, it shows darker than the Huda. It's likely the Maybelline has oxidized a little teensy bit much more than the Huda.

Bronzer, Eyeshadow & Contouring

Apply contour in soft circular motions. If you are wearing the wrong base, then go in with a swirling motion to avoid leaving holes and marks, and streaks. Huda foundation doesn't budge with a brush despite friction on the skin. Set it with a reflective eyeshadow into the skin and then set with a powder. Using gold bronzy tones and liquid lipstick.

Final Thoughts

Both have a diverse color palette with fantastic, full-coverage and are suitable for dry and combination skin. Despite the fact that Maybelline is drier. If you have an oily complexion, Maybelline is a better option for you. Maybelline oxidizes slightly more, but there's nothing a little bronzer can't fix in terms of quality, application, and everything you put on top.

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